I have not been a very good blogger for the past year or so. Nor a good writer in recent months. Not even as good a gamer as I would like to be. The reason? My work at RiverKey Creative has been pretty all-consuming. I was brought on as a senior manager 18 months ago to assist in the turnaround of this terrific, but ailing, company.

Have a look at just one of our many really neat projects:

Despite the cool nature of our work, RiverKey was in bad shape when it came into our hands. We used every means at our disposal to restore it to health. Unfortunately, our best efforts were insufficient, and, over the past couple of weeks, the patient succumbed its wounds. Although some assets and employees may find new homes, possibly in some coherent form, RiverKey as it has existed is no longer. It’s dead, Jim.

Which means I’m looking toward a different future. Game design and writing remain my first great loves, and if there happen to be opportunities in those fields that would provide the stability my family requires, I’ll jump at them. More likely, though, I’m looking for a more conventional home for my talents.

I am an accomplished creator and, even moreso, a manager of creatives and the creative process. I have a particular penchant for bringing order and efficiency to creative processes and teams, and my experience ranges the gamut from written material through still and motion visuals, interactive, and game design. If my strengths interest you, you can find all the gory details over at my LinkedIn profile.

So I’m looking to hire a new employer. The qualities of a successful candidate might include:

  • A love of creativity and a belief in its power to change the world. That’s an environment where my leadership skills and extensive experience can help a creative team soar.
  • A culture (or the need to instill a culture) of process. I excel at organization; at detail; at bringing efficiency and order to highly dynamic workplaces—and at bringing the rest of the organization along with me.
  • A brand beloved by its adherents, or that that will grow to become beloved as is makes its way into the public eye. I cut my teeth on highly-evangelized, identity brands. I understand their communities, and the relationships they have with their constituents.
  • An environment that asks the most of its employees and appreciates what they bring to the table. I wear a number of hats with ease, and my experience across a range of disciplines can be a real asset to a company that makes the most of it.

If you have any leads along those lines, I would be very appreciative if you could steer me toward them. You can reach me directly at 276-794-2667. Feel free also to drop me a line ([my first name]@[this site’s domain name]) or hit me up on Twitter. A full resume is, of course, available on request.

I think my family and I would lean toward remaining in the Kansas City area, but we’re open to opportunities elsewhere.

So that’s it. I’ve lost jobs before, and ultimately every time the change, while harrowing, led to bigger and better things. My experience at RiverKey was terrific, and I can’t wait to see what it now launches me into!

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