From the Millennium's End Miami Sourcebook

From the Millennium's End Miami Sourcebook

When I founded Chameleon Eclectic many, many moons ago, I was all things to all gamers. I designed the games, wrote the sourcebooks, handled production, marketed and sold them, and ran the business. As time went on, I shed more and more of those tasks to one degree or another—first by hiring people who could take on some of that stuff (staff and freelancers), then by working for progressively larger companies with more compartmentalized departments.

Jobs and roles changed, and when I went from R&D to Brand at WotC, I ditched a purely creative role for the business and marketing functions I hadn’t been involved with for five years. But despite the occassional back and forth, 0ne aspect of my early work that has never resurfaced is illustration. Plenty of graphic design work in the past decade, but no pure illustration. In fact, a lot of people who know me these days may not even know I once did this sort of stuff.

So I’m digging it up, for your edification and perhaps my own inspiration. (Like most things, illustration benefits from practice. I haven’t put pencil to paper for at least a decade, so a little reminder of what I might be capable of doesn’t hurt when I try to get back into it.) I’m going to try to post two or so images a week, but I went with the Illo-a-Week title so I won’t box myself in too much. Plus, Two-or-So-Illos-a-Week just doesn’t have the same ring.

This first image originally appeared in NightWalker/The Villee Affair, the first Millennium’s End adventure and only my second-ever published work. It was later reused in The Miami Sourcebook.

Dig it? Plenty more like it in the Millennium’s End line, available in PDF at DriveThruRPG. Also, I still have the originals for most of this artwork, and they’re all for sale—drop me a line if you’re interested!

So what do you think? Did I miss a calling, or is it all for the best that I moved on to other things . . . ?