I’ve talked a lot recently about the cover of The Mason of New Orleans. Here’s a related point: The image of Martin it portrays.

Martin, as envisioned by cover artist Drew Baker.

Martin, as envisioned by cover artist Drew Baker.

So one of the interesting things about commissioning a piece of artwork like this is seeing someone else’s vision of the people and scenes you’ve created in your written work. Oddly (perhaps), I have a clear vision for some of my characters. If I were casting the movie version of The Mason of New Orleans, for example, the role of Madeleine would go to Naomi Rapace. (I wasn’t really familiar with her before Prometheus, but when I saw that I was all like, “Holy crap, that’s Madeleine!”) But in other cases—including that of Martin—my vision wasn’t so clear. I didn’t know exactly what Martin looked like, so this image of him was sort of a surprise to me.

I think it works. Heck, I’d go so far as to say it’s helped me firm up an image of him in my mind. And now it’s got me thinking who I’d cast in other roles. Celestine? Stephan? Gaspard?

What are your thoughts? Is that the Martin you’d pictured? Who would you cast in some of those other roles?

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