It has been a week since The Mason of New Orleans went live on Amazon, and I have been incredibly fortunate in that several people have taken the time to review it. Even more incredible: They seem to like it! The novel has received nine reviews as of this writing, with a very gratifying average of 4.8 stars. Here are a few snippets:

amazon-4-star“The story vividly evokes medieval times from the point of view of a modern mason, magically thrust upon the twelfth-century scene. His character made it easy for me to get into the book because Martin’s reactions seemed to mimic how I might face troubles like swords, horsemanship, cults, ruthless nobles and more: with wit, courage and modern knowledge, applied as best he can. The twists in Martin’s adventures were always fresh, and I never got caught in a trope trap. Indeed, it is not going too far to compare this to “Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court,” yet it’s all the more enjoyable because it embraces the opportunities rather than using them as a foil or for commentary on modern life and troubles.”

amazon-5-star“I have a degree in history, and I loved the historical accuracy of the setting. The author clearly researched what life was like in medieval Europe, which of course really makes Martin feel like the fish out of water that he is. It’s easy to settle in and view the world from Martin’s perspective. What is foreign to you is foreign to him. And in Martin’s new world, not everything works out the way it would in our more relaxed society.”

amazon-5-star“Martin was a well-written character and hearing his internal dialogue gave the book a great sense of humor as well as an enjoyable take on the time-travel genre.”

Now here’s the thing: Most of these reviews were written by beta-readers of the novel—people who responded to my call back in July and received ARCs in trade for a willingness to review the book when it came out. Just one or two are by people who read the book since its release. Which begs the question: Where is your review? So here’s an offer:

Read The Mason of New Orleans, then post a review to Amazon or any other public forum (EN World, anyone?) where interested readers might find it. It’s easy. Then post a comment below letting me know that you’ve done it, and where people can find it. You are under absolutely no obligation to say nice things—if you don’t like it, feel free to say so.

I will personally send the first three people who do so a giant kiss. A giant Hershey’s Kiss, that is. (Offer valid only within the US of A.) Along with my undying gratitude. Because:

Writers live and die by the feedback they get from their readers, so I’d love your comments—there’s a little link just down below to the right. Also:

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