Yes! After letting The Mason of New Orleans languish for three months, despite being pretty much ready to go, I am finally unleashing it on the world! Barring some unforeseen catastrophe, it will hit Amazon on Tuesday, the 11th of December.

If you have ever enjoyed any of my creative work—particularly the excerpts I’ve posted here over the past two years—I ask you to check it out. You’ve nothing to lose but a paltry $3.99. As I tell my kids when they’re hesitant to try a new food (as kids are wont to be): “Go on, give it a bite. If you hate it, it’s all over in a moment. But if you like it, you may have a new favorite thing for the rest of your life!”

You could do me an even bigger solid by helping to spread the word a bit. In this day and age, there are thousands of new books released every month. To stand out in the crowd, a new book needs to be good—but it also has to generate a little buzz. Any time someone mentions The Mason of New Orleans in a conversation—online or off—the book gets one teeny, tiny boost in it’s chances of breaking out of the pack.

So if you get the chance to say something about it, please do. If not, hey, that’s OK too, but I hope you’ll check it out for yourself. Thanks!

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