It’s been a long time since I posted—perhaps I’ll blog about why sometime soon, but not now. The important thing is that while there was also a long lull on work on The Mason of New Orleans, that lull was not as long as the blog post drought. Progress was made, and I’m now just about closed in on a final draft.

Would you like to read it—the whole thing in a final, polished state? If so, drop me a line. You can reach me by email: my first name at my full name (including middle initial M) dot com. I’ll be distributing electronic ARCs (that’s publishing-industry lingo: Advance Reader Copies) to interested readers in a week or so.

This free offer is not entirely free, though. ARCs serve a specific purpose in the publishing business: They drum up early enthusiasm for a book. About the time I ship these out, I’ll set a release date for the novel—probably in late August. I’ll ask the ARC readers to help me with that launch, by spreading the word about the book. If that doesn’t seem to onerous, I’d love to get a copy in your hands!

Drop me a line if you’re interested!