From my second-ever published work, the titular Nightwalker.

This little piece holds a special place in my heart. Yeah, it’s not really that awesome an image, though at the time (that would be, um, 20 years ago) this sort of thing wasn’t all over pop culture like it is today, so there was a bit more of a cool factor. In any event, for whatever reason I’ve always liked this one, so it’s sat in a frame on my desk for years.

When I unframed it to scan it today, I was glad I did: As you can see, time and light exposure haven’t been kind to the paper, so it’s a good thing I made a digital record of it before it’s too late. (Believe it or not, when I published Nightwalker/The Villee Affair for Millennium’s End, desktop publishing (or, as we call it now, “publishing”) was in its infancy. I used a now-defunct application to lay out my book text, but the illos were still photographed the old-fashioned way and hand-stripped into the negatives for the printing plates. So this image was never committed to digital form.) I scanned it as a color image to give you a look at how the paper has darkened—the paler edges mark the area that had been covered by the frame.

This was the Nightwalker of the adventure’s title—a MacGuffin in a high-stakes heist for the protagonists to chase down. Still looks fairly slick, if I say so myself, which is good: Its role in the adventure was frankly more one of style than of substance. Hopefully it lives up to that requirement—what do you think?

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