And, seriously, what would the post-apocalypse be without guns? Here are a few I put together for the Deadlands: Hell on Earth roleplaying game way back when (these actually appeared in The Wasted West, the core setting book):

A few handy sidearms.

You're getting a bonus here: I also did those page backgrounds, which were standard throughout the HoE line.

The technique here, for those who care, was one I really enjoyed but rarely used: felt-tip pen. In this case, the original artwork was in grayscale, so I used a variety of different gray-toned markers.

Obviously, I scanned these out of the rulebook (with apologies to the fine folk at Pinnacle—serves you right for calling me from a bar last night at 1:00am). I don’t have the original pieces anymore, but as a point of interest, here are some of the preliminary sketches, which I do still have:

Sorry about the crappy scan, but all I have is a crappy scanner.

I’d had a LOT of experience drawing realistic firearms a few years before, when I did about six zillion of them for UltraModern Firearms, so it made putting these fantasy firearms together an easy pleasure. I think they turned out OK, and fit the Hell on Earth style quite nicely. What do you think?

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