OK, I’ve been on a bit of a Deadlands: Hell on Earth bender lately. Sorry. When I dug up the stop sign a few weeks ago, it reminded me of a whole slew of pieces I’d completely forgotten about over the years. I’ve really enjoyed revisiting them—hope you’ve found them interesting, too.

Here’s something else I came across: a map I did for the HoE core book The Wasted West. I stumbled upon a pretty degenerate copy of this image on the internet—I’d completely forgotten about it—and that prompted me to dig through my boxes of games in storage to come up with it.

The map of the Wasted West

It's the Wasted West. Click on it for a closer look, particularly at the California coastline.

Truthfully, I can only take limited credit for this map: I started with an excellent source file we dug up somewhere, which had all the wrinkly topography in place. We got permission from the copyright holder to use it, then I colorized it in Photoshop and altered it to suit our needs. I remember the laborious process of flooding the California coastline, painting water into all the apparent low-lying areas.

Just a bit of cartography for your edification.

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