I glanced around. The ground here was mostly grassy weeds. Scatterings of leaves and pine needles. Maybe Michel could pick up a track, but I couldn’t see anything.


Except in the pond. The floor was stony, but there were a few patches of gravely sand.

“Someone’s been in the water,” I said, pointing. “Look. There’s a print of some sort there. And that might be one too.” Now that I was looking for it, I could see places where the seaweed—er, pondweed—was torn and disheveled.

She looked at me. “Someone took it?”

I nodded. “Waded in. Picked up everything they could find. Sorted out the cash from the baubles right there.” I pointed at her feet.

She frowned. “And risk angering the pond spirit? That’s . . .”

I glanced around, biting my lip. “When were you last here?” I whispered.

“Yesterday. In the morning.”

There was no reason to assume this had happened recently—heck, if she hadn’t noticed it today, she could have missed it on other visits. But suddenly the forest seemed dark and close, and who knew what it hid. I took her hand.

“Let’s go,” I said.

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