So last week I featured an interior graphic used throughout the Deadlands: Hell on Earth RPG line. Well, that got me digging around, and I came up with this:

HOE logo sketch

An early sketch for the Hell on Earth logo. You can see how it was originally intended as a sub-title to the main Deadlands logo, but the final trade dress ended up with it at the bottom of the book covers.

This is an early sketch for the Hell on Earth logo. I don’t have the final artwork (that belongs to Pinnacle), but here’s a scan of the finished logo. This comes from the cover of the d20 version of HoE (it’s what I could get my hands on easily; a lot of my RPG collection is still packed away), and you can see how the text portion was often repositioned to make space on the backboard for other information—sometimes author information, and in some cases the actual book title.

Hell on Earth logo

In all its glory!

The concrete background was drawn in color pencil, while the Hell on Earth text was (if I recall correctly; it’s been a while) created in some combination of Freehand and Photoshop. Obviously, the elements were put together into the final arrangement in Photoshop.

Heh. Busted concrete, rusted metal, and bullet holes. I could draw that stuff all day long. . . .

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