Ah, the post apocalypse. I did a lot of the visual design work for Deadlands: Hell on Earth—almost no illustrations, per se, but a lot of recurring page elements and things like that. Here’s one of them:

I love all things post-apocalyptic. Fictional things, that is.

Man, I can’t get enough of the old post-apocalypse. My post-apocalyptic d20 Modern campaign has spanned something like eight years: It started when d20 Modern was in playtest (the players ran through several iterations of their characters in the early adventures, as the rules kept changing on them), ran throughout my tenure at WotC, and continues to this day in the form of a once-a-year session at Gen Con.

Looking back, it astounds me that I’ve done not a single piece of post-apocalyptic illustration. Even during the eight months that I ran the Hell on Earth brand at Pinnacle, I contributed not a single item. How can that be?

But where I did no illos in the classic sense, I did work on the page and graphic design of the series. Among other things, I did the Hell on Earth logo, which you can find on the front of any edition (I think) of the game. This piece appears in every book at the dividing point between the player material and the section called No Man’s Land—a section players are asked to read only with the GM’s permission.

As a warning to keep out, it seems to do the trick, wouldn’t you say?

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