A few months ago, I posted a bit about the web comic Oglaf. If you are a gamer and you like funny things, and you are not a prude, you should read it. But not if you are a prude. Or at work. Or in the presence of the underaged. Or even close to any of those things.

Well, a funny thing has happened since then: story. Throughout Oglaf’s run there have been any number of recurring characters and mini-plots, but these have seemed to be only loosely related and widely interspersed with standalone vignettes. Since, oh, early December, though, the bulk of Oglaf episodes have been focused on a single, major storyline.

I won’t try to put together a synopsis; if you’re interested it more or less starts in the episode entitled Tribute Day 2, to which I have conveniently just given you a link. From that point forward, the story is pretty self-contained—there are plenty of references to earlier strips, but none that you’ll need to recognize or that seem to have any direct bearing on this plotline. With one exception: The cumsprite (you’ll know it when you see it) is introduced in the very first Oglaf strip, and makes more sense if you follow the mini-plot through the episodes 100 Tiny Eyes, Glove, Rapunzel, and Emancipation. (In each case you’ll want to hit the “next page” button until you’ve read the entire episode. Oh, and if there’s an “epilogue” button at the end, hit that, too!)

If you’re new to Oglaf, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do. But the links I’ve provided here give you a nice tour through the series, with a good look at how Trudy Cooper’s style has evolved over the course of it. I talk a bit more about the virtues of that style, and point out a few of my favorite episodes, in my earlier post on Oglaf.

Given that the cumsprite goes back so far in the story, and that a number of secondary characters in this plotline have shown up in the past, it will be very interesting to see if other elements from early in the strip come into play in this story—or, indeed, if Oglaf is turning out to have more of a story to it than it has previously seemed (this move toward plot could be an aberration in the long run). Either way, I’m going to keep looking forward to Trudy Cooper’s excellent work every Monday morning!

* Percentage of story not actually verified.

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