Back to the wellspring that is Millennium’s End: here’s an image that more or less encapsulates the game:

From Millennium's End v2.0

A few episodes ago I talked about a pencil-and-black-marker technique that helped me overcome my aversion to contrast, and this is another example that technique at work. It’s a shame the reproduction is somewhat poor, with the lightest gray tones dropping out. Oh, well, the technology of the times I guess.

This piece appeared on the title page of Millennium’s End v2.0, and was reproduced as a promotional piece in a two-color flyer we put together for the summer cons the year of release. The image itself was done as a duotone of black and purple—and it worked pretty well, as I recall. The flyer had the same radical aspect ratio as the illustration (maybe even exaggerated a bit). Wish I still had a copy!

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