Here’s a little change of pace: Some logo design. Or more accurately, the treatment for a book title.

I’d hoped to be able to show a clean, isolated version of the logo, but the source file (Freehand 5 or so) is so old there’s no way to open it any more. So instead, here’s a color version cropped from the cover of the Terror/CounterTerror Sourcebook, and an isolated black-and-white version from an EPS file that was used on the book’s title page.

From the cover of the Terror/CounterTerror Sourcebook for Millennium's End.

And again, from the title page.

I like the look of the color version (though they’re both a tad busy). It looks like there’s some transparency effect in the original that didn’t carry over to the color version (look at how the black is just visible through the word TERROR in the grayscale version). I don’t know why that got lost, but this was back in the days when the technology put some limits on what you could do—some things were just too memory intensive or whatever. Too bad; it probably would have looked pretty sharp.

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