Here’s a little piece for this week’s Illo-a-Week:

You're responsible for your own dive-bomber-siren sound effects.

This was a hand-drawn element created for the logo for the card game The Last Crusade (the other elements were generated in Photoshop). For those who care about such things, this was piece was done in a combination of felt-tip marker and color pencil which, as far as I can recall, is the only time I’ve ever done that (other than using a black marker to get a really deep, consistent black in some pencil pieces).

I call it a “little” piece above because, though the original is not small, its use in the logo is at a pretty small scale:

The back of a US The Last Crusade card. Stuka at left of logo.

(In a way, this is two illos for the price of one; I did all the graphic design for this game including the logo, all elements, and layout of the card you’re looking at.)

Interesting fact (YMMV): Because most of my illo work has been for RPGs, I have mostly drawn people, rather than things. Which is ironic, because I find things much easier to draw.

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