My word. Has it really been three months since I posted something in this weekly category?

Yes, all that white space is there for a reason. It's called "composition."

In our recent unpacking of our stuff from England, I came across this piece. In some ways, this doesn’t really qualify for Illo-a-Week, cause my rule so far has been to show published pieces. But I’m bending the rule by declaring this a concept piece from my early Chameleon Eclectic days, when Millennium’s End was in the pipeline but lots of other ideas were being explored.

Except that doesn’t really fit the date (the little ’89 down by the sig). Nor does the apparent Appleseed influence—I’m pretty sure this would be about a year before I got into that. Frankly, this pic would make a lot more sense if it was dated a year or two after it is.

Oh, well, it is what it is. I think I’ve mentioned before that my style tightened over the years in which I was doing a lot of pencil illustration, and to be honest I like this one stylistically a bit more than some of my later work.

Have I mentioned that it, and every other piece I’ve posted in Illo-a-Week, could be part of your personal fine art collection? Drop me a comment if you’re interested!

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