After a terrific November, I more or less took the month of December off from writing. Not deliberately, but I find it hard to make the time when the kids are around, and we had so much snow that, between that and the holidays, the kids only went to school for four full days out of the month.

The Great December Blizzard of 2010. Actually, one of four Great December Blizzards of 2010.

January is a new month, and I’m back into it. Not a lot of progress so far, but then the kids still haven’t returned to school. (C’mon, Monday!) I’ve put a nifty progress chart over on the right, but because I have to update it by hand every day, it’s probably not going to be very accurate.

Anyway, you don’t care about all that. What you might care about is that we’re closing in on the posting of more of The Mason of New Orleans. (For those of you not keeping up, that’s a working title, so don’t get too caught up on it one way or the other.) Just a few more downloads, and we’ll have met my goal and I’ll start posting chapters. With a tiny push, we should be able to make that happen in time for a return of Martin’s Monday Medieval Madness on, well, Monday.

What’s that, you say? You haven’t read this stunning work of literary genius yet? OK, don’t panic—I’ve got you covered. You can download and give it a read right here. You won’t be sorry.*

Click through for PDF.

*Disclaimer: You may actually be sorry. But you probably won’t be very sorry, because it only takes a moment to download and a few seconds to open and less than a half-meg of hard-drive space, and you can quickly delete if you don’t like it. But you’ll probably like it.

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