Way back a-when, in the wilds of late October, I posted a sort of competition asking readers of The Mason of New Orleans (only it wasn’t call that then, it was the even workinger title Martin’s Tale) to help me think up new heraldry for Stephan. You can find the sordid details in this post.

Well, we have a winner, and that winner is: John Kolb. John’s suggestion was an azure field with an argent chevron. For those of us who speak English, that’s a blue shield with a silver or white chevron across it.

The funny thing is, John’s idea was very much like what I already had floating around in my own head. And the other participant in the contest, T.W.Wombat, also posted a very similar idea. There must be something about Stephan that suggests blue and chevrons.

Anyway, here’s what it looks like:


Stephan's shield

Stephan's shield

This image was generated with the very excellent (and free!) heraldry creator at Coat of Arms Design Studio. I’ve made a few alterations, adding in the cross moline that was his symbol as originally written, and changing the pure argent into a pale gray—a nod to the 29th Infantry Division, in which Martin would have served.

John’s prize: He gets to have himself, or a gaming character of his choice, written into the novel. I’ll be dropping John a line to suss out the details. And he and Mr. Wombat are also entitled, as entrants, to a lollipop, so I’ll be sending those out shortly.

Free lollipops. If you didn’t suggest an idea, don’t you wish you had now!

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