A third crash and the door split lengthwise, a large plank flipping up into the air and landing next to the hearth. Hands fumbled through the gap. For a second it was like a zombie movie—arms lit orange by the firelight flailing sightlessly through the opening—but then they gripped the bar and lifted it, and the door flew open.

A man stepped in. I’d never seen him before, but he looked like a peasant. His eyes searched the room. He said something to someone behind him, but I couldn’t hear it over the pounding of my own heartbeat.

This was it.

I charged through the gap in the partition, bringing my club up in a two-handed swing. His jaw fell, and he started raising his own weapon, but he was two steps behind. He might have deflected my upward stroke, but if he took anything off the impact it wasn’t much. My swing connected above his brow, and I saw his eyes roll as my shoulder plowed into him.

The other guy was dropping whatever he was holding—their battering ram, I guess—and grasping for an axe tucked in his belt. A sitting duck, but I was off-balance, tangled in my first target, and I couldn’t bring myself to bear. I tried to plant my foot, but the earthen floor was slick where the rainwater was coming in. I swung as his axe cleared his belt, but my blow simply knocked his arm away. He took a half-step back and regained his stance.

I kicked myself free of the first guy, falling back half a step myself. I hefted my club again, twisting my body like a batter at the plate. We had the doorway between us—he had the deadlier weapon, but he was going to pay a price before he could use it.

“Come on!” I yelled out. I don’t know why, but suddenly I was feeling defiant. It was on, and now I was ready to get it over with. “You think you can take us? Come and get it!”

And then there was a crash from behind.

That’s an excerpt from Chapter 7. I’m telling you, it’s literary gold: Nonstop action, startling revelation, and touching emotional resonance, all wrapped up in uncanny insight into the human condition. But you’re not getting it today, because, as I said when I posted the omnibus, there are no more chapters until that draft hits 100 downloads. We’re closing in on it, but we aren’t there yet.

What’s that, you say–you haven’t read it? What the heck are you waiting for?!! Surely you’re dying to know how a 21st-Century gamer fares when thrown into the 12th Century? Grab it now—it’s 91 pages of trans-temporal brilliance. Then tell your friends!

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If you have read it, odds are very good you know someone who would also enjoy it. Please let them know! Cause I can practically taste that 100th download, and I don’t want to wait any longer than you do to start getting new chapters posted!

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