“Ma Dame, he says the people of his village are frightened, and that they have heard you are a scholar.”


“That’s what he said, my lady.”

“But why is he here?” Stephan demanded. “What of his own lord?”

Hugh spoke briefly with Wulfram. “There is only a steward, Mon Sieur. He does not live on the manor, but only comes every year or two.”

“Very well then, what about their priest?”

More discussion, then Hugh gasped and crossed himself. He questioned Wulfram once more, his tone now a bit cautious. Then he turned back to Madeleine and Stephan. His face, normally crossed by a wide slash of a grin, was clouded. “He says their priest cannot help them. My lord, this man says there is a black mass in their village. The priest is part of it!”

There was a collective gasp, and literally every person in the room—Cyril and Celestine behind Madeleine; Gaspard, Elias, and one or two others around the fringes like me—crossed himself. I went along with the crowd.

Madeleine scrutinized the man. “Is this true?” I was wondering the same thing; I hadn’t heard anyone bring up Satanism since Iron Maiden rocked the 80s.

Hugh translated, and Wulfram again fell to his knees, letting forth with a string of passionate, guttural babble. Hugh put out a hand to try and stem the flow.

“He says many in the village have suspected it for a long time,” Hugh translated after finally calming Wulfram down. “But the mass became more—open—recently. They held a mass on the Nativity of the Virgin, and did not bother to conceal it.”

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