Today I slipped over the 50,000-word mark for the month of November and officially became a NaNoWriMo winner. This was a pretty fun accomplishment in its own right, but it also heralded a number of great milestones for me and the progress on Martin’s story.

  • I produced text at about double the rate I’d been writing previously. And while I’m not predicting a 50,000-word December, I think ongoing work will proceed at a pace closer to November’s than to the previous months’.
  • I more than doubled the existing word count on the novel, from about 45K to about 95K. I took it past its halfway point and probably to about two-thirds done. First-draft-wise, of course.
  • In reaching the 95K mark, this novel is now the longest piece of fiction I’ve ever written. (And my previous longest work, at about 80K, was written over the course of ten years.) It’s not quite the longest single work I’ve ever produced, but it’s getting close to that as well.

Overall, a gratifying conclusion to the month. I wouldn’t exactly call it grueling, but it was quite a challenge, and I’m glad I took it up.

New upload of Martin’s story–along with a new working title and other deluxe upgrades–tomorrow!