The last handful of Illos-a-Week have launched with apologies, but no longer: I’m posting, and I’m posting on time. The technical issues that have made Illo-a-Week a hassle for me (and hence activated my laziness/procrastination function) have been overcome.


Cover image for the Operatives Kit

Nowadays, images of black-clad SpecOps and SWAT guys with laser sights and night-vision gear are all over pop culture, but back in the day this was pretty cutting-edge shit. This is from the BlackEagle Operatives Kit for Millennium’s End; it was reused on the cover of the Operatives Kit v2.0.

You might notice this is my first color piece on Illo-a-Week. Back in the early days of my game industry career, when I was running Chameleon Eclectic, I had more time, energy, and micromanagerial inclination than cash. So I did everything: all the design, writing, editing, layout, and art (along with the marketing, sales, accounting, and business management). That included cover art. I was never a decent painter, so I did a handful of cover pieces for the early works in color pencil. At its best, like this, I could give it a pretty paintlike style. This was the last of those pieces; cover art was the first thing I farmed out when my business had grown enough to permit employing freelancers.

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