Hello. My name is Martin.

I’m basically a normal guy, not too different from you I’d guess. A job that’s going–well, not exactly nowhere, but not anyplace fast. An apartment in the DC suburbs. A Ford Fusion. A couple of beers on a Friday night. You know, a normal, regular guy.

Except that one day I found myself in the 12th century. The Middle Ages. You know, the “medieval” in “Ima get medieval on yo ass.” I’d say that one day I woke up in the 12th century, except I didn’t really wake up. It just happened. On vacation in New Orleans one minute; naked in the Ardennes forest the next. Not too clear on what, if anything, happened in between.

I played my share of Dungeons & Dragons in college. Saw The Lord of the Rings two or three times. Or maybe four. Might be a real adventure, right? Except for that whole Black Death thing. And the Spanish Inquisition. And people getting burned at the stake and all that. I wasn’t a history major. I don’t know when those things happened–er, will happen–exactly. They haven’t hit me yet, but they might be scheduled for next week for all I know.

In the mean time I’ve got an overly ambitious local lord trying to overthrow the one person who’s given me a home. A devil-worshipping black mass trying to make a shish-kabob out of one of my few friends. A crazy buddy who thinks he was once a wolf. And a self-proclaimed sorcerer who seems to think I’m all that stands between him and plans to dominate the world–or at least the parts of the world that have been discovered so far.

If that ain’t bad enough, everyone here seems to think I was sent by God or someone to stop all that stuff from happening.

Did I mention that everybody here speaks French? I took French in high school. Got Cs. Crap. I don’t even know how to wipe my butt in this century. Anybody know when toilet paper is going to be invented?

Wish me luck. Or download this PDF and read a bit more of my story.

I’ve been doing a little writing lately, and Martin’s story is one of the ideas I’ve been pursuing. My wife really seems to like it. I know what you’re saying: Ooh. Big deal. Your wife likes it. But honestly, Tam is a picky reader and a, well, pretty direct critic. If she says she likes it, there might be something there.

So I’m putting it (or at least a little bit of it) before a wider jury. Have a look (it’s only a few pages). Then drop me a comment. A single word will suffice: Yes (worth continuing) or No (Tammie is smoking crack. Get back to the job search.).

Other comments happily accepted, of course. Enjoy!

Click through for PDF