Now that I’m back online, more or less, it’s time to resurrect some of this web site’s signature features. So here we are!

OK, here’s the thing: I figured since I hadn’t posted an illo in, ooohh, more than two months, I thought it might be nice to restart this feature with something a little unique. So I picked out one of my rare color images. But it turns out the image I have on file is CMYK, and the web site needs RGB (this all makes sense if you’re into this stuff; if not, just skim through), and I’m sort of between copies of Photoshop. So instead, it’s a return to the Miami Sourcebook, and you get Buzz.

Not that there’s anything wrong with Buzz. I kind of like him. I’ve never been particularly good with drawing people, but I think this piece, which illustrates an NPC description, does a nice job conveying the character. And that’s about all I have to say about it. Like the last Illo-a-Week illo, the style is at a nice place, with pencilwork that is just sketchy enough to give it a good, loose feel, but with enough precision to convey details nicely. Which makes me a liar: it turns out I did have a bit more to say about it.

I hope to be enPhotoshoped in the next few days, so maybe we’ll get the color image in the next Illo-a-Week. Or the one after that. Or some other time. Soon. I think.