I’m incommunicado. We’ve moved into short-term lodgings here in the US, but getting anything connected has been a nightmare. No phone installed yet. No cable. We don’t have cell phone reception. And internet? They’re saying two to four weeks for installation. So I’m driving to the local McDonalds (10 miles away) to use their free wifi once every couple of days. Kinda puts a dent in one’s online life.

Not everything in complete suckage though: some things are just surreal. Ever hear of one of those cases where a plane makes an emergency landing on a highway? So have I. Ever been witness to the spectacle? Now I have. And not just any plane: a vintage 1930s plane that would have been a thrill to see under any circumstances. The stretch of road it landed on is curved on a fairly steep uphill. And crossed at several points with overhead wires. Kudos to the pilot for a hell of a landing. Not so much for his keeping-the-eyes-on-the-fuel-guage skill.

Here’s a pic of the plane where it ended up. Hard to make out in this shot, cause it’s about 200 yards from where the road is blocked off. And this was taken with my camera phone.

It's that little white line surrounded by approximately 16 million emergency vehicles. Which is odd, since apparently nobody was hurt and nothing was damaged.

Here’s a closer shot. They’ve taxied the plane up to the interchange and turned it around to face back downhill.

Ready for takeoff, sir!

And here’s a clip of it setting off again. For those who’ve ever wondered what I sound like, that’s not me whooping and cheering as it sets off. You can hear me commenting on taxiing vs. taking off near the end of the clip.