Holy crap! It’s been a whole week since I posted something for Illo-a-Week! What the heck have I been doing!!? Well, here you go:

From the Miami Sourcebook for Millennium's End

This is from the Miami Sourcebook for Millennium’s End. The Miami Sourcebook, you might be tempted to believe, is a sourcebook about Miami. You’d be right. Miami was a sort of default campaign setting for Millennium’s End, and the game portrayed it as a crossroads between the US and Latin America (which it is) with a sort of apocalyptic Miami Vice cool (which isn’t so far from the truth).

This image shows Biscayne Bay at dawn, with the Venetian Islands in the foreground and Miami Beach in the background. The viewer is hovering above downtown. Biscayne Bay is a shallow body of water dotted with man-made, or at least man-shaped, islands and crossed by a couple of causeways. This might not be  the most dynamic composition for an action-packed RPG, but I really like the way this pic turned out. Captures the scene nicely (though completely cribbed from a photo in a book on Miami), and the style is at a nice place–not too sketchy, not too tight. (You can zoom way in on this piece.)

Interestingly, I drew this piece in BDUs, under a canvas tent swatting at mosquitoes. It was on one of my annual trainings when I was in the army. I think I was bitten by a brown recluse spider on that very same AT. But that’s a story for another post. Maybe.