A little something related to (but not actually part of) the Secret Project.

To date, everything I’ve put up on Illo-a-Week has been older work (most of it from almost 20 years ago), and that will probably be the case, for the most part, going forward. But I’ve mentioned that I might occasionally put some new work up. I haven’t been doing any conventional illustration–yet–but here’s something relatively new. It’s a small piece of an item I did for my Magica campaign. And by small, I mean big. The full document, when printed out, is something like 100 inches long by 60 wide–bigger by far than my gaming table.

While originally created purely for my campaign, this is, in a way, related to the Secret Project™ I’ve mentioned once or twice. What’s that, you say? It’s just a map? Why yes, yes it is.