From Millennium's End v2.0

This is one of the very first pieces I ever drew for commercial publication; it originally appeared in the rare 1st edition of Millennium’s End, and went on to be reprinted in the more definitive Millennium’s End v2.0. Stylistically, it’s a bit sketchier than my later work (which tended to tighten up over the years), but I dig that quality. (I dig the awkward proportioning of character and equipment somewhat less.)

The subject matter has a backstory: In the very first Millennium’s End playtest, my good friend (later best man) Scott and his cell were being chased through Belize by a British SAS unit in a V-22 Osprey. Scott, armed with an M203 grenade launcher, wanted to take a shot at the Osprey. From a moving vehicle, at high speed, on a rutted road with intervening buildings. Sure. We added up the modifiers, and it wasn’t possible. “What the heck,” I said. “Roll me a 1.” (ME is a percentile system, with low results being good.) Scott calmly picked up the percentile dice and rolled a 01. Scratch one Osprey.

Ironically, the figure in the image isn’t Scott, but really sort of a self-portrait. Yes, I had a rat-tail. It was 1988–what did you look like? But you won’t catch me dead in a baseball cap, no matter the decade.

Have I mentioned that you can buy Millennium’s End in PDF on DriveThruRPG? Or that most of this original art is for sale? Huh? Have I?