Well, not quite yet. But word was just officially posted on the D&D UK group blog, so I can finally spill the beans.

My time with Esdevium Games has come to an end, and with it my tenure as the Marketing Manager for D&D in the UK, and my (and my family’s) time Over Here. I have been, as we say in England, “made redundant,” and the loss of my job also means the end of our visa to remain here. So we’re saying goodbye to the terrific home we’ve made in the UK and returning to the land of our origin–probably sooner rather than later.

This is not the first time I’ve been laid off, and when it’s happened before we’ve always ended up someplace even better than the circumstances we left behind. So in the long run, I’m quite optimistic. We’re also looking at settling, events allowing, on the southern East Coast of the US, because that will put us within a few hours’ drive of most of our extended family, who are spread out over that region. (We haven’t lived within 2500 miles of family since our children were born, so that will be a nice change.) It doesn’t hurt that that region tends to be sunny and warm, and after 10 years in Seattle and England, we kinda miss the sun and the warm.

Also, couldn’t ask for a better time to be on gardening leave. Bit cool and cloudy today, but the past few weeks have seen the finest weather we’ve experienced in four years in the UK. And it will be nice to join the family on holiday in August, and maybe even make it to Gen Con with my wife and without a diary stuffed full of business meetings.

All that said, the timing is a bit awkward. You may have heard they got this recession going on, so jobs are a bit thin on the ground. The specifics of our transAtlantic relocation are paid for, but on top of the usual difficulties of unemployment and moving, we’ll hit the ground with no car, no internet access, no phone, and worst of all no home. All surmountable problems, but they’ll put a dent in the job-seeking efforts. And it’s looking like the average time to land a job in the US is currently 35 weeks, during which, having not been employed in the US for years, Tam and I won’t be eligible for any form of job-seekers benefits. Yikes!

So if it’s not too cheeky, I’d like to ask you for a bit of help. Here are a few things you could do that would really help us out:

  1. If you don’t already, please follow me on Twitter (@charlesmryan) and check this site out regularly. I don’t know if I’ll stick with marketing or return to other aspects of my professional experience, but in this day and age a marketer’s social network is part and parcel of his CV. Also, who knows: It might occasionally be edifying. Or witty. Someday.
  2. We have to clear out a lot of stuff before we relocate–for example, almost none of our electrical or electronic gadgets can thrive on US electricity. (And there’s lots of other stuff that it’s not practical to take.) Please have a look at our eBay auctions–maybe you can grab a bargain on something you want or need. No games up as of this writing, but I’ll probably add some, including some unique and collector’s items. This is a moving feast, with new items going up daily, so please check regularly over the next week or two.
  3. You might know that some of my older published works are available in PDF format. Check them out and see if there’s anything you like. There’s a bundle that gets you the lot for a terrific price. (Even if you have one or two of these titles, you could still save money on the rest with this option.) Or if you prefer to cherrypick, while Millennium’s End might be a bit dated (dated but COOL!), the Operatives Kit, GM’s Companion, and Ultramodern Firearms d20 are all pretty universal, as are Psychosis: Ship of Fools and Psychosis: Solitary Confinement. You might notice that I’ve conveniently linked these titles directly to their DriveThruRPG pages, so you’re just one click away from gaming bliss.
  4. Shoot me your comments or thoughts, on this site or via Twitter or whatever. Cause, you know, it just helps to hear from people.
  5. Spread the word on all of the above. Far and wide.

If you can spare a moment for one or two of the above points, you’ll help ease this transition for us a bit. And hopefully you’ll find it worth the effort.

In the mean time, I’ll keep this site up to date and let you know how things get on!