So one of the things I’d like to do here at the Fascinating World is throw out the occasional bit or bob and see how people react to it. Over the course of two decades of writing, game design, illustration, and graphics work (not to mention actually playing games), the scores of published works have left behind them an almost equal number of half-finished, sometimes half-conceived projects and ideas. I don’t know about other creative types, but for me these things never fall away: They hang around in the background like forlorn ghosts, occasionally peeping into my consciousness to see if their time has come.

Maybe a few of them are about to have their day. Let’s find out!

So I’ve rummaged around the old hard drive and dug this one out. It’s the first few pages of a novel that’s lain fallow for at least a decade and has roots going back a decade before. It’s hard to judge one’s own work, especially in a field in which one has incomplete experience. (I’ve published exactly one piece of fiction before—Infestations, for Deadlands: Hell on Earth. It pulled in an Origins Award nomination, so I guess it didn’t suck completely. But I don’t have the same confidence in my fiction output that I do in my nonfiction writing or visual arts.) But I did submit three chapters of this book to WotC during the brief period when they looked at publishing non-game-related genre fiction, and, although they quit that business before things progressed, it did result in an invitation to pen a D&D or Magic novel. Which I never took up. So maybe it’s not too bad. I’ll let you be the judge.

If you’re the sort who can’t stand to start something you won’t finish, I can’t recommend going any farther: This novel is unfinished. (It’s also untitled.) But there’s a heck of a lot more to it than the bit I’m putting up tonight, and if people like what they read here, maybe I’ll post more. Like it enough, and maybe I’ll dust off the file, crack my knuckles, and finish the whole thing off.

Give it a spin, and let me know. Warm up the old typing fingers, or drag these files to the trash can? Don’t be shy—I can take it!

Branuir Chap 1 pt 1